Strictly Ballroom

Strictly Ballroom

Strictly Ballroom - London Showtime

Enter the cut-throat world of competitive ballroom dancing as you join National Holidays on a Showtime break to see Strictly Ballroom.

Adapted from the 1992 cult classic film that got the world on its feet, follow Scott on a journey of self-discovery as he attempts to shake up the stuffy face of ballroom dancing and win the Pan-Pacific Championship with an unlikely new partner.

An inspiring romantic comedy that’s guaranteed to sweep you off your feet, Strictly Ballroom is a dazzling dance extravaganza that’s bursting with sequins and stunning music which will more than satisfy your love of dancing.

Great fun for the whole family, book to see Strictly Ballroom today with National Holidays, and enjoy ticket admission, hotel stay and coach travel as part of a unbeatable Showtime package.

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Feeling Strictly Come Dancing Strictly Ballroom symptoms? If you can’t wait until the next series, then Strictly Ballroom provides the perfect antidote.

Based on the hit 1992 Australian romantic comedy film by Baz Luhrmann, Strictly Ballroom the Musical sees the rigid rules of ballroom dance ripped up once and for all and replaced by electrifyingly passionate routines that are certain to set your pulses racing.

The musical follows the story of championship ballroom dancer Scott who, when left frustrated by the corrupt judges and rulebook of the Australian Dancing Federation which ‘strictly’ prohibits new steps in ballroom routines, decides to follow his heart and do things his own way.

After losing an important competition to a rival couple after throwing a few new steps into a routine, Scott is dumped by his dance partner Liz just days before the Pan-Pacific Championship, leaving him facing a race against time to find a new partner.

Despite holding try-outs with his overbearing mother, unbeknownst to Scott his perfect partner is glaring right at him by way of dance-hall cleaner Fran. The only problem is that Fran is a total novice and has two-left feet! Can Scott and Fran defy the odds, judges and their feelings for one another to win?

Featuring a stellar coast including Pop Idol winner Will Young as the charismatic band leader and with breathtaking choreography from Oliver Award winner Drew McOnie, Strictly Ballroom is an irresistible production that’s worthy of a ’10 from Len’!

The show perfectly captures the glitz of ballroom dancing with fake tan, sequins, glitterballs and hairspray by the bucket loads performed against a stunning soundtrack filled with a slew of popular songs including ‘Time After Time’ and ‘Love Is In The Air’.


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