Coach breaks to Derren Brown

Derren Brown

Derren Brown

See the master of psychological illusion Derren Brown in his brand new one-man show Miracle with National Holidays.

Entertaining and mind-blowing in equal measures Brown brings his unique blend of mind control and visual wizardry right before your very eyes.

Prepare to be baffled and gobsmacked by award-winning illusionist, mind-reader and hypnotist Derren Brown during what promises to be his most stimulating show yet, Miracle.

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Like all of Brown’s shows that have come before it, Miracle provides a treat of classic party tricks, hypnotism and mind-reading acts with plenty audience participation, delves into deeper territory to explore evangelical healing and the power of positive thinking over faith before tying up with a climatic finale.

So what’s in the show? Now that would be telling. Brown requests not to reveal any details of his show for fear of spoiling your enjoyment. Let’s just say it will leave you totally flabbergasted and leave it that!

Although Brown has pulled off some massive television stunts, including correctly predicting the Lottery Numbers, convincing people to murder and placing one man at the centre of a zombie apocalypse, it’s on stage that he was born to perform and truly excels, with audiences unable to point the finger at camera trickery when trying to fathom out how he does it. Not that you have much chance working it out.

Indeed it’s Browns showmanship that really shines through when you see him live. He’s naturally witty, oozes charisma is highly entertaining and so damn clever; you will leave the theatre thinking he’s a ‘Miracle-Worker’.

A true master of his art, if you haven’t seen Derren Brown live make sure you do for a coach break you will never forget. Book to see Derren Brown with National Holidays now.

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