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Cannon and Ball
Cannon and Ball - Rock on Tommy!

Cannon and Ball

Comedy legends Cannon & Ball are back playing one of their favourite venues and funnier than ever in their latest show.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see this popular comedy duo, who are sure to leave you in hysterics, during what promises to be a sight splitting show. Without question, an unforgettable night awaits when you book to see Cannon & Ball with National Holidays!

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Tommy Cannon and Bobby Ball are two of the all-time greats of showbiz and undoubtedly Britain's funniest comedy double act.

Their unmistakable presentation of straight man/funny man format, which has put audiences in fits of laughter for over 50 years and helped their prime-time television show attract over 20million viewers at the height of their fame in the 80s, is just as funny and entertaining today.

A perfect blend of old jokes and fresh content means their act is bang up to date and able to resonate with a young audience and not just those who grew up watching old variety shows.

Expect comical quips, good-old fashioned slapstick humour, cheeky innuendos, crazy goings-on and a few “Rock on, Tommy’s” thrown in for good measure during this masterclass in comedy writing and timing.

Infectious comedy and in-offensive family fun from two seriously funny men who not only know how to work an audience but have the best chemistry you will ever see on stage. Pure gold!  Use our holiday search options to see Tommy Cannon and Bobby Ball today!

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