RAF Museum Cosford

Cosford Air Show

Coach breaks to RAF Museum Cosford

See 90 years of aviation history brought to life like never before at RAF Museum Cosford.

RAF Museum Cosford provides a fun-filled day out for all the family. Explore over 75 rare and historical aircraft in five hangars, plus key memorabilia, military transport and missiles throughout exhibitions dedicated to significant periods of war, including the award-winning National Cold War Exhibition.

Learn how to fly in the interactive Fun ‘n’ Flight zone before taking flight in the Black Hawk Simulator and thrilling 4D Experience, which allows you to join the world-famous Red Arrows or combat mission.

With so much to see and do, RAF Museum Cosford offers something for all ages. Book today with National Holidays.

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RAF Museum is a memorable family day out and all weather attraction which tells the story of the Royal Air Force through an extensive world-class collection of aircraft and exhibitions featuring interactive kiosks and memorabilia including photographs, medals, artwork, military vehicles, missiles and engines.

Wander through the hangars and marvel at some of the most astonishing aircraft to ever grace the skies, from the world’s oldest Spitfire and the impressive Harrier to vintage Tiger Moths and Hercules, plus a rare collection of enemy planes from Japan and Germany.

Many of the aircraft have been suspended in flying positions, which you can see close up from an elevated viewing gallery.

The Cold War Exhibition provides a fascinating insight into his significant period of the 20th Century. Stand beneath Britain’s V Bombers; Vulcan, Victor and Valiant and see tanks, subs and missiles used during the war efforts, plus artefacts and memorabilia, including life-size Russian Dolls, which reflect the culture and political tensions of the time.

Uncover the history of the RAF in the Royal Air Force History Gallery, meet Percy the Parachuting Penguin, Wing Commander Roland Rat and other cuddly characters in the Lucky Charms and Mascots exhibition. Decide for yourself whether they brought their owners good or bad luck!

No trip to RAF Museum Cosford is complete without taking to the skies in the 4D Experience as part of the world-famous aerobatic Red Arrows display team. Join the crew and feel the adrenaline rush as you take off and perform breathtaking stunts and manoeuvres with dynamic seat movements, water spray, leg ticklers and smoke effects adding to the experience.

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