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Grand Canal & Palace de Versailles
Palace de Versailles & Grounds

Versailles, France

Versailles is a beautiful city offering many attractions to be enjoyed on our coach breaks with a spectacular reign of architecture from its breathtaking Chateau de Versailles (Palace of Versailles) to its grand and graceful cathedrals and chapels.

Versailles is known for the astonishing Palace of Versailles. The palace contains many wonders within the grounds & parks, with the grand Hall of Mirrors serving as a daily passageway, meeting & waiting room, the Museum of France and the exquisite Opera Hall all, enclosed in this astounding piece of architecture.

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Within the grounds itself, there are also many brilliant features to be discovered from the rustic retreat of the Trianons & The Hamlet, built specifically for the Queen during the reign of Louis XV, the picturesque and tranquil Grand Canal stretching over 1600 metres long, as well as the romantic escape of the Temple of Love which can be stumbled upon exploring the gardens of the Chateau.

Another piece of admirable craftsmanship is the Cathedral of Versailles, situated in the heart of the city, which was built for the seat of the Bishop of Versailles, as well as the many the many chapels across the city and Chateau full of heritage and culture.

Just South-west of Paris, with brilliant transport links to the capital of France, Versailles is a fantastic city full or character and charm waiting to be discovered.

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