Short Breaks to Pendle Witches Country

Pendle Witches

Uncover the story behind the most famous witchcraft trial in UK history as you join National Holidays on a guided tour to discover the Pendle Witches.

Meander through the stunning Lancashire countryside around Pendle Hill, which has changed little since the time of the trial, and hear the devilish deeds and wicked acts which led to ten alleged witches being executed in Lancaster in 1612.

A captivating coach trip with spine chilling accounts told in spectacular unspoilt surroundings that will stay with your forever.

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Experience the breath-taking beauty of the atmospheric Lancashire hills as you take a journey to discover one of the most fascinating stories in the region’s folklore.

Uncover the truth behind the story of the notorious Pendle Witches, who were executed in 1612 after being found guilty of murdering 10 people by witchcraft and judge for yourself whether they were guilty or not!

At the time the evidence given against the witches came from one young child and was based little more than accusations made by competing families, the Demdikes and Chattoxes who were trying to make a living through healing and begging.

Yet they were sentenced to hanging because King James I lived in fear of a religious rebellion following the failed Gunpowder Plot, and passed an Act which imposed the death penalty for anyone found practising witchcraft.

This intriguing coach trip will allow you to retrace the accused witches on a guided tour of the Ribble Valley villages that will bring this haunting story back to life.

There is barely a corner of Pendle country that doesn’t have a connection with the Pendle Witches and it’s all waiting to be uncovered once again.

From cottages where the witches once lived, sites where curses and murders took place and graves believed to be the burial sites of witches, not to mention shops selling souvenirs galore!

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