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The Mini Factory
Mini being spray painted
Mini Factory
Completed Mini

Mini Factory Tour

Take a behind the scenes look at the state of the art facility at one of the UK’s most iconic motoring brands of all time.

See for yourself every production technique up close as you witness the journey of a new Mini from the sheet metal being moulded to the quality checks and engine being started for the first time and driven off the production line.

The Mini Factory Tour will provide an insight into the creation of these iconic cars that will last with you forever.

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The Mini Factory Tour! 

Mini is one of the most instantly recognisable cars in the world thanks to it quirky looks and charisma.

Originally developed as a cheap and cheerful mode of transport, Mini is now the world’s best performing premium small car.

The Mini Factory in Oxford is one of the UK’s largest car manufacturers, which produces a car every 67 seconds.

On this two hour factory tour you will head into the assembly hall to see the entire production process as you follow the creation of a car from start to finish.

Prepare to be astounded by the sight of over 1000 robots, working in total unison with over 4000 talented engineers, as they price together over 4000 parts during the production process.

During your tour you will get chance to pose your questions to a dedicated guide, who know every inch of the process and have decades of experience behind them.

At the end of your tour browse through the MINI Lifestyle Collection and take away a piece of history with you from the gift shop.

Whether you’re a petrol head, Mini owner or not, you will love learning how Minis are made! This tour will also make a perfect birthday or Christmas gift for your friends and family who are notoriously hard to buy for.

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