Jackie the Musical

Jackie the musical

Jackie the Musical

Take a trip back in time to the 70s to celebrate one of the UK’s most loved teenage magazines, Jackie.

Told through the unmistakeable sound of pop idols from the time, including hits from Donny Osmond, Marc Bolan and David Cassidy, Jackie The Musical brings everything you loved about the iconic magazine back to life with a gripping storyline using genuine pages that were printed in its heyday!

Find out what happens to a middle-aged divorcee when she turns to the ‘Cathy & Claire’ pages once more for some much-needed relationship advice.

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Get ready to be transported back to the 70s and relive the naivety of your youth all over again with Jackie The Musical.

There was once a time long before the internet and mobile phones even existed when every girl’s best friend was Jackie Magazine.

It was an iconic magazine which sold over one million copies each week, which brought emotional support to young girls and taught an entire generation some valuable lessons about life and love.

Jackie The Musical brings the spirit of the magazine back to life. It tells the story of a woman in her 50s, who has recently divorced and attempts to figure out the opposite in the same way as she did forty years ago - by returning to the trusted pages of her old stash of Jackie annuals.

With her ex still on the scene and a handsome new guy showing interest, those same lessons she learnt as a girl from a magazine begin to influence her future once again.

Pure nostalgia for middle-aged woman, the musical features everything any budding reader of Jackie would want, revisiting all the iconic pages that made the magazine an institution between 1963 and 1993, from the  fix of fashion and beauty tips, celebrity gossip and the shrewd advice offered by Cathy and Claire.

Featuring superb choreography by Arlene Philips, Jackie The Musical is a brilliant feel-good show that will make you feel 15 all over again. If you loved the magazine, you will love the musical. Book today with National Holidays!

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