Coach holidays to The Holy Island

The Holy Island

Holy Island is a must-visit on any break to Northumberland which enjoys a unique sense of isolation when cut off by the tide.

Steeped in religious history and culture, the island is the birthplace of the Lindisfarne Gospels but you don't need a religious reason to visit this area, with dramatic scenery provided by Lindisfarne Castle and surrounding wildlife creating wonderful photographic opportunities.

A trip to Holy Island is the highlight of any coach break to Northumberland.


The Holy Island  

Twice a day Holy Island is totally cut off from the outside world as the fast moving tides rise above the mile-long causeway from Beal, leaving you with plenty of time to explore this enchanting place.

Only 180 people live on the island but its historical significance and stunning panoramas have made it a popular tourist destination.

Follow in the same footsteps of monks in the 6th century and learn about the importance of the sacred illustrated Lindisfarne Gospels at Lindisfarne Priory, a copy of which can be seen in the neighbouring church.

Take time to explore Lindisfarne Castle, a small fortress built in 1550 which towers elegantly above the water on its volcanic rock. The breathtaking views are not to be missed! Celebrated architect Edward Lutyens transformed the castle into a quirky holiday home, and its characterful rooms are waiting to be explored.

Aside from these two historical landmarks, you can also sample the famous Lindisfarne Mead at St Aidan’s Winery or scale the Lookout Tower, a 360 degree glass observatory which provides unrivalled views of the sea and island.

The island is also a sanctuary for birds and marine life. Look out for rare birds frequenting the Nature Reserve and grey seals bobbing up and down in the surrounding waters as you enjoy a circular walk of the island or search the craggy shoreline for make unusual finds amongst the rook pools.

Alternatively, simply spend an afternoon soaking up the peace and serene beauty of the island down by the harbour, where the only thing you will hear is the crashing waves.

A place that’s as fascinating as it is spiritual; a trip to Holy Island with National Holidays will stay with you forever.

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